A Celebration of Love Parks Week

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At Kainbridge, we love crazy holidays especially when they involve travel and the great outdoors. This week is Love Parks Week. Sure, it’s an English holiday, but I don’t think they will mind sharing some love. We’re celebrating with an homage to our favorite parks around the world. Tell us about your favorite parks in the comments below.

Oliver Lollis — Helvellyn and the infamous Striding Edge in England’s Lake District

Since we’re celebrating a British holiday, we must mention England’s own Helvellyn in the beautiful Lake District. I visited there 2000 and it was life changing. The scenery is amazing. This park includes a long ridge line hike that boasts cliffs on either side called the Striding Edge. If you find yourself in England, this is an experience you will want to include on your itinerary.

Jordan Martens – Sunday Park

Sunday Park, located in Midlothian, VA is a peninsula in the Brandermill community surrounded by Swift Creek Reservoir. This park includes a dock and boat ramp for access to the lake and three playgrounds for kids. There are bike and walking paths wrapping around the perimeter of the park to allow for walks at the water’s edge. Wildlife like ducks, geese, cranes, and more can be found wandering around the park. While not technically part of the park there is a great seafood restaurant called The Boathouse at the entrance.  The Boathouse features large outdoor dining areas with wide views of the lake.

A great evening could include dinner at The Boathouse followed by a walk around the park. End your evening with sunset on the dock for a beautiful end to your day!

Victoria Kelsey – Sefton Park & Yosemite

Sefton Park

One of my favorite parks within a city setting is Sefton Park. Located in Liverpool, Sefton park has officially been a public park since May of 1872, when it was incorporated for the use of the people by Prince Arthur. Within its borders there is a boating pond, a palm house, countless statues, and a variety of structures hidden along its many walking paths. A positively peaceful landscaping abounds throughout. During my five years living in Liverpool Sefton park was one reason I fell in love with this city and its parks. Liverpool is lovely, despite its gritty reputation, and Sefton Park is an oasis in the midst.


Having been born and raised in California, it’s really hard to choose between all the available park options in the Golden State. I love Doheny state park for the beaches, including Crystal Cove. There are many parks in the Sierra Nevada range that are incredibly beautiful. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that my favorite park in California is Yosemite. There’s a reason the Yosemite is known the world over. Whether it’s hiking, sequoias, redwoods, mirror lake (my personal favorite!) or the glaciers, there’s no lack of things to do and see in this glorious state park.

Ashley Warner – Grand Teton National Park

Grand Teton National Park my favorite park, it is also my favorite location on earth! The power of parks has made me feel at home in nature. Grand Teton is breath taking in all directions with its stunning peaks and lakes. The sights of this park are grand in every sense.

Julie Dubuc – Balboa Park in San Diego

A few years ago I spent two days in Balboa Park.  This cultural green oasis includes 17 museums, gardens galore, and the world-famous San Diego Zoo.  It has amazing green space, a beautiful Japanese Friendship Garden, a wonderful botanical garden, art museums, and so much more for you to explore. It is a popular green space for San Diego residents and vacationers alike!

Isaac Eiland-Hall — Natchez Trace

The Natchez Trace runs 440 miles from Nashville, TN to Natchez, MS. It was created and used by Native American tribes for centuries, then by early European explorers, traders, and settlers through the early 19th century until travel shifted to steamboats. Today, the parkway generally follows the path of the old trace. No commercial traffic is allowed and there are many historical stops along the beautiful drive.

An old part of the Natchez Trace runs at the back property line of my maternal grandmother’s house. I grew up taking drives on the southern part of the Trace, getting to see wonderful things like Emerald Mound, an old First Nations burial site that is essentially a small hill, and other hidden gems.

Oliver Lollis

Oliver Lollis

Oliver hails from Greenville, SC and has 20 years of business development experience. His world travels bring a unique perspective to Kainbridge. He is most excited about helping brands perfect the human experience with people around the globe.
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